Shaughnessy Golf Club Wedding – May 22, 2010

A gracious thank-you to Filitsa & Foti for trusting me to handle the music at their full blown Greek wedding. There was so much dancing, especially allot of traditional Greek dancing which was incredible to watch. A have honestly never seen a young group of people so in-tune with their heritage; it was a pleasure to behold. Not only did they know the traditional dances but most were fluent in Greek as well. We had a great emcee that night that not only spoke the language but also read it. He also surprised the B&G with live music. He sang and played the Bouzouki (Greek style mandolin / guitar) to backing tracks played through my sound system. It added so much to the night that I couldn’t have imagined the evening without it.  The ‘Kefi‘ was in abundance that night! Opa!

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